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Minco works with you to develop the right heater for your application, drawing from our broad product technology portfolio of polyimide Thermofoil™ heaters, all-polyimide heaters, silicone rubber heaters, thermal-clear transparent heaters, mica heaters, and PTFE (Teflon) heaters.

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Manufacturers seek flex circuit solutions for their superior reliability. A flex circuit offers a customized repeatable routing path within an assembly and robust enough to withstand high vibration as well as thousands to millions of flexing cycles while carrying a signal and power without a break.

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Minco controllers are designed and manufactured to work with and complement our sensors and flexible heaters. Minco controllers are made for easy and straight forward installation, and can be specially calibrated for improved system accuracy.

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Minco works diligently to provide the best sensor solutions available today. We build sensors from start to finish with a focus on exceptional product quality.

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